Been a while! New videos up, more coming!

Hey! Sorry I’ve been neglectful of this site (and some of my others). Truthfully, there was a time when I was worried that I’d even be able to keep my channel going. I just didn’t have time! I still don’t have a lot, but it’s enough to make some videos now and then.

I’ve just posted a new one yesterday, which is the follow-up to another a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been fixing up a beat up old Compaq 486 PC:

Here’s part 1 of that, which I encourage you to check out as well. I realized more than a week after posting that this video was a victim of YouTube’s new Rec.709-A color space (they’d previously used regular Rec.709, as does my video editing software by default), so apologies that it’s slightly dark and contrasty. Part 2 looks better, but Part 1 still has a lot of good (and kind of necessary) content!

Check out my channel as a whole – there’s actually a lot that’s gone up there since my last post here. Click the link in the sidebar, or from either of the above videos.

I’ll be better about posting more here! Especially any time a new video’s gone up.

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