A little channel update – scaling back for now

I’ll be posting a video about this soon, but for the 10 or so of you who do read this blog, I may as well let you know first. Big (good) things have been happening in my life lately, and I’ll have basically zero time to spend on shooting and editing videos for a little while.

Things will eventually settle down and I’ll hopefully be able to get back on the YouTube train, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll actually have even then. Almost certainly less than now, because the fact is I’ve been self-employed for nine years and am about to start some pretty intense formal training for my next gig. And that training is going to last for around 3 years.

(I may or may not talk more about this somewhere, but it’s not really a subject for my channel.)

For now, I’ve paused my Patreon page so none of you guys are charged on the 1st, and I won’t be looking for or accepting new patrons for the moment. Thanks to those who did choose to support me through all the videos I’ve made to this point! But I just won’t be able to reliably make new ones on any kind of regular basis for a while, so I’m not gonna take your money until that changes.

Whether you’re a patron or not, though, thanks to everyone who’s been watching my videos! This is not a goodbye, but it is a “seeya” for right now. I’ll still be responding to comments on existing videos (when necessary or appropriate), emails, etc. I’m still contactable. The videos will just be extremely infrequent. Sorry about that, but it is a new life adventure I’m embarking on, and I’m in the weeds right now. It’s exciting!

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