Reality vs. simulation – flying a real Cessna 172 vs. Flight Simulator X

Those of you who follow meĀ here as opposed to just on YouTube saw my post a week or so ago about my discovery flight in a Cessna 172S. Well, I’ve now figured out a way to relate that back to the channel, and I’ve made a splitscreen comparison video between reality and Flight Simulator X!

This is a 12 year old game so naturally its graphics aren’t the most realistic, but it’s also been extended and added on to by the community to the point that it’s basically an entirely different game than when it was released. I have some of those add-ons, although I talk about a few in the video that I don’t have that could amp up the realism even more. So consider this just kind of a general, high level look at reality vs. sim, but I think it turned out pretty interesting.

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