Top 10 Rail Shooters of All Time

Rail shooters have always been one of my favorite video game genres, with non-stop action and intense, focused gameplay. But you don’t see them all that often anymore. So in this video, I explain the basics of the rail shooter genre before presenting my picks for the top 10 rail shooters of all time, across platforms.

Some capture notes (as mentioned in the video):

In most cases I used real hardware, including appropriate controllers. In a few cases that wasn’t possible, mainly because not every game is available for home gameplay.

Vampire Night, Time Crisis II: actual PS2 gameplay captured over composite and played with a Guncon 2
Confidential Mission: actual Dreamcast gameplay captured over composite using standard controller (I have an Interact light gun but it has never worked with this game)
The House of the Dead 2, 3 & Overkill, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor: actual Wii gameplay using Wiimote captured over HDMI
Rez: Infinite, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood: played on PSVR using standard and Move controllers, captured through the social screen over HDMI (lower resolution than what’s actually in the headset, but this is the only way to capture PSVR)
After Burner, Star Wars, Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, Space Harrier: actual gameplay using MAME
Planet Harriers: actual gameplay using Demul
Gunblade NY: actual gameplay using Model 2 Emulator
The Walking Dead, Star Fox 64, Star Wars: Battle Pod, After Burner Climax, (a little of) Rez: Infinite: official trailer footage
Afterburner PSP: gameplay captured using PSP TV output over component
Panzer Dragoon Orta: Xbox One S gameplay captured over HDMI

For all PC capture (ie. emulators), I used OBS Studio for the capture.

None of these games are current but most can be purchased on Ebay, and I’d love it if you used my Ebay link to get there:

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