Gameplay! #1 – Radiant Silvergun (Sega Saturn)

I’m starting a new series of quick gameplay videos, and #1 is the Sega Saturn and Treasure Games classic Radiant Silvergun. These videos will soon be on a regular schedule, once every week or two weeks – and there’s a good chance that they’ll eventually be live! But for now, they’ll be traditional uploaded videos.

Radiant Silvergun is a classic vertical scrolling shooter, and had been one of my most sought after games until just a little while ago when I finally found a copy (actually several at the same store) in the wild. I’d waited to play it until then, so what you see here is my reaction to it after only having played it for a couple of hours.

I know someone’s going to call me out on this so a quick correction: no, the game is not “all polygonal” – it’s a mix of polygons and 2D sprites, which is a style the Saturn was particularly good at and Treasure was particularly adept at employing. (Their other big Saturn game, Guardian Heroes, is also a mix of 2D and 3D.)

There were a few technical kinks in this video and I’ll be trying to work out a balance between speed/simplicity and quality as time goes on, so bear with me for the first couple of these!

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