IBM PS/2 P70 Tour and Diagnosis – Part 1!

This is an IBM P70, IBM’s “portable” version of the Model 70 Personal System/2. It’s what was known in the 80’s as a “luggable” computer – as IBM themselves put it, it’s a “full desktop computer system… with a handle.” Various companies made these in the 80’s, but I wanted this particular one because a) it’s an IBM, and b) it has a PLASMA display. (Toshiba and a few others also made machines with plasma displays, but this one also has kind of an interesting form factor.)

Unfortunately this one doesn’t work! Those of you with experience with this machine probably already know what’s wrong… but if you do have experience, please let me know what you did to fix it.

Also, double oops in the video – those are SIMMs in there, not DIMMs and certainly not SO-DIMMs… I’m stuck in the present, I guess.

IBM gas plasma promo video:

Computer Chronicles episode with this machine:

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