Welcome to the new hub of all things related to the Modern Classic YouTube channel! Yes, this is a real, official site, not some knockoff – I’ve just set it up, so if it looks a little threadbare right now, that’s why. I’ll be posting all new videos here (of course you can still watch them all through my channel itself) and anything else that’s not specifically a video – for example, news of new finds or hints at upcoming videos. Of course, my Patreon patrons will still get access to exclusives like behind the scenes looks and video previews, so as always I do encourage and appreciate your patronage!

Watch this space…

486 to Pentium upgrade (Compaq 486 bonus part 3!)

As promised, here’s part 3 of my series on the Compaq Deskpro XL 466 machine I picked up for retro gaming during the few months I had off during the pandemic. In this video, I’ll be upgrading it to a full-fledged Pentium – something you couldn’t commonly do to 486 machines. The Compaq Deskpro line was one of the few exceptions.

This is a pretty casual video where you’ll mainly see me just running a bunch of comparisons and tests between the 486 and Pentium. But it’s also my first time trying real VGA capture via a Datapath VisionRGB E1S card, so it’s serving as a test video for that too. It was a fun one to make.

Been a while! New videos up, more coming!

Hey! Sorry I’ve been neglectful of this site (and some of my others). Truthfully, there was a time when I was worried that I’d even be able to keep my channel going. I just didn’t have time! I still don’t have a lot, but it’s enough to make some videos now and then.

I’ve just posted a new one yesterday, which is the follow-up to another a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been fixing up a beat up old Compaq 486 PC:

Here’s part 1 of that, which I encourage you to check out as well. I realized more than a week after posting that this video was a victim of YouTube’s new Rec.709-A color space (they’d previously used regular Rec.709, as does my video editing software by default), so apologies that it’s slightly dark and contrasty. Part 2 looks better, but Part 1 still has a lot of good (and kind of necessary) content!

Check out my channel as a whole – there’s actually a lot that’s gone up there since my last post here. Click the link in the sidebar, or from either of the above videos.

I’ll be better about posting more here! Especially any time a new video’s gone up.

Can a PC teach you how to fly?

Hey, it’s a new video! This is kind of a Part 2 to my earlier “Reality vs. Simulation” video, and I do a much deeper dive here into whether or not a PC-based flight sim can really help you in real-world flight training. Definitely of interest to anyone who’s doing said training right now, but hopefully to others as well!

A little channel update – scaling back for now

I’ll be posting a video about this soon, but for the 10 or so of you who do read this blog, I may as well let you know first. Big (good) things have been happening in my life lately, and I’ll have basically zero time to spend on shooting and editing videos for a little while.

Things will eventually settle down and I’ll hopefully be able to get back on the YouTube train, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll actually have even then. Almost certainly less than now, because the fact is I’ve been self-employed for nine years and am about to start some pretty intense formal training for my next gig. And that training is going to last for around 3 years.

(I may or may not talk more about this somewhere, but it’s not really a subject for my channel.)

For now, I’ve paused my Patreon page so none of you guys are charged on the 1st, and I won’t be looking for or accepting new patrons for the moment. Thanks to those who did choose to support me through all the videos I’ve made to this point! But I just won’t be able to reliably make new ones on any kind of regular basis for a while, so I’m not gonna take your money until that changes.

Whether you’re a patron or not, though, thanks to everyone who’s been watching my videos! This is not a goodbye, but it is a “seeya” for right now. I’ll still be responding to comments on existing videos (when necessary or appropriate), emails, etc. I’m still contactable. The videos will just be extremely infrequent. Sorry about that, but it is a new life adventure I’m embarking on, and I’m in the weeds right now. It’s exciting!

Reality vs. simulation – flying a real Cessna 172 vs. Flight Simulator X

Those of you who follow meĀ here as opposed to just on YouTube saw my post a week or so ago about my discovery flight in a Cessna 172S. Well, I’ve now figured out a way to relate that back to the channel, and I’ve made a splitscreen comparison video between reality and Flight Simulator X!

This is a 12 year old game so naturally its graphics aren’t the most realistic, but it’s also been extended and added on to by the community to the point that it’s basically an entirely different game than when it was released. I have some of those add-ons, although I talk about a few in the video that I don’t have that could amp up the realism even more. So consider this just kind of a general, high level look at reality vs. sim, but I think it turned out pretty interesting.


So it feels like it’s been a while since my last video for the channel. Don’t worry, I’m not neglecting you guys! I do have a few things in the works, and in fact I just completed my first IBM Model M bolt mod… but that video’s still going to take a while longer, and I’d really like to post something about either another classic computer, video games, or another type of electronic product first.

I honestly am open to suggestions too for quickie vids that I can shoot, edit and post in the meantime – I’m always looking for quick video ideas but since I’m around this stuff so much, I probably overlook or just never consider subjects that you guys may be curious about.

If you’re at all interested in a part of what’s been taking up my time lately, here’s a little video I just cobbled together for my personal channel (where I post random stuff like this occasionally):

I make no money whatsoever from videos on my personal channel, but I just thought it was fun and want to share it.

Ultimate keyboard showdown – IBM Model F vs. Model M!

The IBM Model F and Model M literally defined what a PC keyboard is supposed to be. Included with the original IBM PC, the Model F introduced the buckling spring mechanism that made it “the best keyboard in any microcomputer, bar none” according to Byte Magazine. The Model M, introduced shortly after the PC AT’s introduction and available as an option on both the AT and XT 286, set the standard for PC keyboard layouts for decades to come. Many have argued in favor of one or the other as “best keyboard ever” – so which one really is?

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IBM PS/2 P70 Restoration and Repair – Pt. 2!

This is part 2 of my diagnosis, repair and restoration video on IBM’s “luggable” version of their PS/2, the P70. In this video I get the computer working again, solving several problems along the way, and then demo some of the software on the machine as displayed on its beautiful gas plasma screen. Yes, it’s a portable computer with a PLASMA screen!

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